March 11, 2011


(Original post: March, 11st. Modified: March, 14th)
You don't have Ameba Gold? Chocolate Pico will help you! Just follow this steps to get Rice balls and Ninja Items  for FREE!

Step 1: Log in your Ameba Pico account and choose one of the icons on the left. Click it.

Step 2: Click on the green button shown below. It is the same for all the items as you can see.

Step 3: Ask Chocolate Pico to send you the item. You don't need to worry about anything else, you don't need to send the request to all your friends and wait forever, Chocolate Pico will do all the work for you! (You don't have Chocolate Pico as a Facebook friend? Click here to add me!

Step 4: Add a personalised message.

Write "chocolatepico" as a personalised message. If write it, I will multiply your request x10 so you can get the item easier and faster than waiting forever to other people to send you the items.

Step 5: Then just click on send and you're almost ready! Remember to include the message!

Step 6: While you wait your ninja items, why don't you try visiting the interesting advertising sites Chocolate Pico recommends on the menus? This will help to improve the site!  (You are not forced in any way, though)

Well that's all everyone! All request are going to be accepted, if you followed the first steps correctly. You can send me a request every day if you want, until you complete all the items you want! Just relax and enjoy your Ninja Time!

  This is what you will see when your request is complete.

x3 friends x5 friends x10 friends
x1 to Chocolate Pico = x10 ninja items or x3 rice balls

Remember to tell your friends about it!